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Hyundai i30 Car Launch
After the great success of i10 and i20 in Indian market Hyundai India now on its way to bring the 3rd one in the 'i' series, named Hyundai i30. Hyundai i30 will be available with both petrol and diesel engine option.
According to Hyundai, the original i30 was designed and engineered in Europe and rolled out of its factory in the Czech Republic in 2007.
While the company's two models, i10 and i20, are rolled out of its Indian plant for the global market, company officials said the i30 is being manufactured in Europe.
In a statement, Hyundai said it expected the new generation i30 to build on the success of the original model and also the company's first model to be launched with the prefix 'i'.
After its July 2007 launch, the i30 went on to increase its sales in Europe every year, attracting 115,000 buyers in 2010 -- the highest-ever annual sales figure for an individual Hyundai model in Europe -- and achieving total sales of more than 350,000 units up to mid-2011.
Hyundai i30 Price in India could be around Rs. 8,00000
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