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Sure Shot Exercises for Flat Abs
When we look at models and actors on the TV we often get amazed by the amazing toning that they have maintained. It is not as if they do not eat like normal human beings, the only difference is that they train and train hard. They have professional trainers who help them sculpt their bodies into the perfect shape that one can only dream of. The most difficult part of the body is the core, in other words, it is the stomach area. For many having tight flat abs is still a far-fetched dream. Well you need not wait any longer because we bring to the list of ten top exercises recommended by professional trainers around the world. It is guaranteed that following these exercises for a month will give you abs that would shock your friends. So please start noting down as we tell.
For this pose, you need to lie straight down on the floor (face facing down) and your palms should be near your chest. You then begin to slowly lift your face, your shoulders, and your chest off the floor and remember that your shoulder blades should be pushing downwards. Hold this pose for around 2 full counts and then lower back down. This pose will make you feel a stretch in your ribcage that feels very welcoming and relaxing at the same time. You can make the exercise tougher by trying to lift your legs and thighs when you lift your chest up.
This exercise focuses mainly on the obliques and love handles. I can see ears standing at the mention of love handles, yes people this will make your love handles disappear. It also teases your hips to some extent to be ready. What you need to do is lie on the floor on one side of your body with your hands behind your head. You then need to slowly curl your elbow that is up in the air towards the upper leg while lifting your leg off the floor and towards your elbow. Bring them as close together as possible and hold that position. Then relax your way down. Do this thrice and repeat for the other side.
This pose is one of my favorites from the Callenetics poses. It works best on your abs and is rather hard but looks deceptively easy. You need to lie down on a mat with your knees bent and your palms facing down. Exhale deeply and lift your shoulders and your head off the floor. After you are in this pose you need to pump your arms up and down for around six times. Hold the position and try counting to a hundred, then ease back down.
This is one move that will make you feel more steady, balanced, and at the same time very strong. The strength of the core is judged through this and it also helps in building the core muscles. You need to align your self on all fours with your knees in line with your hims and your palms in line with your shoulders. Then raise your left arm forward to the height of your shoulders and stretch your right legs backwards. Hold this pose pushing your hand forward and your foot backward. Relax back and do the opposite side.
This is one move that tightens up your abs like no other move and again, it might look deceptively simple so be warned. You need to get into the full push up position with your palms underneath your shoulders and your head should be inline with your spine. Hold this pushing, keep your abs pulled in and your butt tight. When you feel yourself getting stronger maintain this position for a longer period for time say for example a whole minute. This might sound funny to you but when you shall start you will find out how hard it is to actually maintain this position for a minute.
This is one move that really works on your side abs and the core. It also works on your waist line but this needs to be done with care and caution. Stand on the mat with your feet as far apart as your shoulders. Squat down as if you’re about to sit on a chair and ensure that your knees to not cross past your toes. Go as far down as conveniently possible for your and then twist your upper body slowly to one side. Come up and relax for a sex, then squat down again and twist to the other side. You shall see the results in a few days.
This move requires a simple scarf. All you need to do is lie flat down on the floor with your knees bent. Raise one leg up high with a scarf over your toe as depicted in the figure. The lift your head and shoulders up while grasping the scarf with both your hands. Starting moving your hands up and you will feel a stretch in your lower back and spine and also a pressure on your abs. go as far up as you can and then ease back down. Repeat.
The twist is excellent in bringing the beautiful curve to your waistline. Inspired by the physique and poise of ballerina’s. You simple need to lie down with your legs slightly bent. Then raise your upper body up to the level of your knees and twist to one side, inhale deeply and relax back down while exhaling. Repeat for the other side.
This is more or so like the hundred pose. You need to lie flat down on the floor and raise your legs. Bend one leg towards your torso and stretch the other one out. hold this position and raise your upper body off the floor. Hold your hands straight out parallel to the floor and pump up and down for a few laps. Then relax back and repeat for the other leg.
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