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Celebrities with Insured Body parts
Heidi Klum's Legs: $2.2 million
Klum has both legs insured but one happens to be worth more than the other: "The Victoria's Secret strutter's right gam is insured for $1.2 million, but her left is worth only $1 million. Why the discrepancy? A little scar on her left limb."
Rihanna, singer: $1 Million Legs
Jennifer Lopez: Singer $27 Million Buttocks
Mariah Carey, singer: $1 Billion Legs
America Ferrera, actress: $10 Million Smile
The Ugly Betty star is actually beautiful off the set, so it makes sense that her sponsor Aquafresh has insured her teeth for a whopping $10 million.
Dolly Parton, singer: $3.8 Million Breasts ($600K in 1970s)
Is there anybody who doesn't like Dolly Parton's Music?? A big NO would be an answer. Well just in case that ever goes out of style, Parton had each breast insured for $300,000.
David Beckham, soccer player: $70 Million Legs
Egon Ronay, food critic(gourmet): $2.3 Million Taste Buds ($330K in 1960s)
Merv Hugles, cricket player: $317,000 Mustache
Bette Davis, Actress: $357,000 Waistline ($28K in 1930s)
Tom Jones, singer: $7 Million Chest Hair
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